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Indexing Societies and Information

American Society for Indexing (ASI)
Contains information about indexing as a career, indexing training, software, fees, online and print reference tools, and links to other indexing-related sites.

Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI)
Indexing resources for indexers and publishers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Best Practices for Indexing
ASI recommendations on best indexing practices for creating accurate, effective, readable indexes. Includes both general indexing and indexing specialties.

Every non-fiction book needs an index: Here’s why
Alan Rinzler answers a fundamental question in this The Book Deal blog posting.

Indexer Locator
ASI's online directory of freelance indexers, searchable by name, subject specialty, and location.

Indexing Society of Canada/Société canadienne d'indexation (ISC/SCI)
Indexing-related information for Canadian indexers and publishers.

Indexing Books: Lessons in Language Computations
White paper by William P. Meyers on human vs. computer indexing.

Novice Notes for Prospective Indexers
Martha Osgood’s list of resources for prospective indexers.

Pacific Northwest Chapter, ASI (PNW/ASI)
Includes “Publisher’s Guide to Indexers in the Pacific Northwest”.

Society of Indexers (SI)
Home page for British and Irish indexers. SI was the original professional indexing society.

American Society for Indexing Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Business Indexing SIG
Covering all business-related disciplines.

Culinary Indexing SIG
The home page for culinary arts and cookbook indexing.

Digital Publications Indexing SIG
Promotes indexing of digital publications, including ebooks, embedded indexing, websites, and taxonomies.

Gardening and Environmental Studies SIG
Resources for gardening, environmental studies, and related areas.

History and Archaeology SIG
Resources for history/archaeology indexing.

Legal Indexing SIG
Resources for indexing of legal materials.

Science and Medicine SIG
Information about indexing in medicine, engineering, and other scientific fields.

Sports-Fitness Indexing SIG
A resource for indexing in the areas of sports, fitness, and related materials.

Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies
Focuses on creating or editing taxonomies, thesauri, or controlled vocabularies used for indexing.

Information-rich websites of other indexers

Kevin Broccoli (Brocolli Information Management)
Dan Connolly (Word for Word Book Services)
John Cullerton (Wexford Press)
Colleen Dunham Indexing
Lucie Haskins
Heather Hedden (Hedden Information Management)
Christine Hoskin (Schoolhouse Indexing)
Kari Kells (IndexWest)
Fred Leise (ContextualAnalysis)
Seth Maislin
Kate Mertes (Mertes Editorial Services)
Martha Osgood (Back Words Indexing)
Deborah Patton
Janet Perlman (Southwest Indexing)
Sandi Schroeder (Schroeder Indexing Services)
Scott Smiley
Sherry L. Smith Indexing Services
Joanne Clendenen Sprott (AfterWords Editorial Services)
Jan Wright (Wright Information)
L. Pilar Wyman (Wyman Indexing)