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“How much do you charge?”

There is no single answer to this question. Hourly rates can be quoted based on a general description of the material and user expectations. However, to provide a quote using other billing methods usually requires seeing a representative sample of the material to be indexed, since projects vary greatly in depth and complexity.

Book indexing rates can be quoted by the page, by entry, or by the hour, depending on client preferences.  For journal indexes, flat rates by the article or issue can also be quoted. Per-page rates (the most common billing method) vary from $4-$8 per page.

Factors affecting rates include:

  • type of material (book, journal, database)
  • audience (professional, researcher, student, general public)
  • page size and format
  • density of material (number of index entries per page)
  • indexable illustrations, tables, etc.
  • turnaround time . Rush jobs (more than 200 pages per week) may require a rush fee.
  • number of indexes.  Multiple indexes (e.g., author, subject, taxonomy) may require an additional fee.
  • your format for delivery of pages for indexing. A searchable PDF file is preferred, but printed pages in 8-1/2"x11" format are acceptable. Fees may be slightly higher to offset printing costs for large PDF files, since indexing is done from printed pages.

Index specifications or the delivery options you select can also affect the rates.

Credit card payments are accepted via PayPal by prior arrangement. Please request this option when commissioning the index.

The American Society for Indexing’s Recommended Indexing Agreement describes other issues that are involved in rate negotiations.

For general inquiries, please contact Carolyn Weaver at or (206) 930-4348.  To request a firm quote on a specific project, please provide a short sample of the material (10-20 pages, not from the first chapter).  Pages for evaluation may be sent as a .pdf file or Word document attached to an email message.